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6 Word Story competition winners!

6 Word Story Competition

lights on cotton rock

Read by Miss crocker

Link here: Lights on Cotton Rock

Miss Crocker.MOV

The Rainbow fish

Read by Miss higham

Link here: Rainbow Fish


WE are going on a bear hunt

Read by Mrs harvey

Link here: We are going on a bear hunt

Mrs Harvey.MOV

An extract from HArry Potter

Read by Mr Turner

Link here: Harry Potter

Mr Turner.MOV

While we can't hug

Read by Mrs Mabin

A lovely story which shows us how to be affectionate while social distancing.

Link here: While we can't hug

Mrs Mabin.MOV

An extract from Matilda

Read by Mrs TEAGLE

Link here: Matilda


The Wild Baby

Read by Mrs Blake

Link here: The Wild Baby

Aliens love underpants

Read by Mrs Stone

Link here: Aliens love underpants

Mrs Stone.MOV

monkey puzzle

Read by Miss goodyer

Link here: Monkey puzzle


How to catch a star

Read by Miss mannix

Link here: How to catch a star


Giraffes can't dance

Read by Mrs bainbridge

Link here: Giraffes Can't Dance

Mrs Bainbridge.MOV

Harry the Dirty Dog

Read by Mr Claridge

Link here: Harry the Dirty Dog

Mr Calridge.mp4

Wonky Donkey

Read by Mrs bailey

Link here: Wonky Donkey

Mrs Bailey Wonkey Donkey.MOV


Read by Miss Honey

Link here: Ish


Laura's Star

Read by Miss clarke

Link here: Laura's Star


peace at last

Read by Miss fanning

Link here: Peace at Last

Miss Fanning.MOV

The little mouse, the red ripe strawberry and the big hungry bear

Read by Mrs dyer

Link here: The little mouse ...