Mission, Vision and Values

Our school motto is BUILDING POWERFUL LEARNERS TOGETHER, this is a commitment from all members of our community which underpins everything we do.

Our Mission

We will craft experiences which nurture, challenge and celebrate our children as individuals, unlocking the potential in each child and developing their passion for learning and for life.

Our Vision

We aspire to be recognised as an innovative school who understand the needs of every individual in our community. We strive to unlock every child’s potential through inspiring and empowering them to be the best they can be - socially, morally and academically - preparing them for their next steps in life as thoughtful healthy citizens.

Our Values

Curiosity - The curiosity to learn, ask questions, investigate new concepts and seek new experiences.

Confidence - The confidence to be individuals, express opinions and to pursue ambitions.

Courage - The courage to make mistakes and learn from them, the resilience to bounce back and try again and the spirit to embrace new things.

Creativity - The creativity to explore, to imagine and to be innovative learners.

Compassion - The compassion to respect everyone and everything around us, to show acceptance, tolerance and care; most importantly to be kind.

Our Aims

Aim 1


The delivery of a curriculum which meets the needs of all children through creative classroom practice and consistent leadership.


  • Provide opportunities for children to develop their curiosity through child led approaches.

  • Offer a engaging, innovative and inspirational curriculum which offers our children the opportunity develop skills which prepare them for later life.

  • Establish a wide range of opportunities for children to learn outside of the classroom environment.

  • Develop inspirational teachers who support and challenge each pupil as an individual.

Aim 2


The establishment of strong relationships with our parents, local community and other organisations.


  • Engage parents and the wider community in our curriculum to develop a shared understanding and a culture of learning together.

  • Work with local businesses and organisations to engage our community in the wider life of the school.

  • Raise the profile of Tregadillett Primary School.

  • Work to support families in order to ensure that we provide the very best for our children both at home and at school.

Aim 3


Developing our resilient, ambitious and forward thinking community through a rich curriculum, network of support and extra-curricular opportunities.


  • Develop a support network for all members of our community.

  • Invest in the continued professional development of all staff.

  • Support children’s personal development and wellbeing house structure.

  • Improve and streamline our communication across the whole school community.

Aim 4


& Facilities

Continual investment and development of out outdoor and built environment to ensure that high quality education is available to all.


  • Develop, refurbish and invest in our site in order to offer the very best facilities for our children.

  • Develop a culture of outdoor and practical learning to create memorable experiences for our children in all aspects of learning.

  • Further utilise our school grounds to engage children and the wider community in our curriculum.