Progression of skills in Reading

Reading Progression

How we support children with SEND in Reading

English - Strategies for supporting pupils

The 7 areas of reading at Tregadillett

The 7 Areas of Reading

Reading at home

Home Reading

Read with an adult to earn certificates! 

How to comment in reading diaries

Comprehension skills 

Understood the story well.  

Good discussion about events in the story. 

Retold the story in detail.  Could talk about the story confidently.  

Answered questions about the content.  

Needs to read again to improve understanding.  Used the pictures to assist understanding.  

Needed lots of help to understand the main events.

Word skills 

Read all the words correctly.

Found some words difficult. 

Found the red words tricky.

Tried hard to work out new green words.  

Identified learnt sounds.

Good word building.

Needs to practice again to reinforce the words.  

Read accurately and confidently.  

Was able to work out new words using picture clues.

Attitude and interest

Read eagerly.

Enjoyed the story because ……  

Fantastic expression.  Would benefit from reading again to improve fluency.  

Has learnt all about…………… and could explain in own words.

Mystery Reader!

In our classrooms you may see books wrapped in brown paper, these are our Mystery reader books, the children have clues but can't see inside! These are the books we read to the children at the end of every day. The idea behind wrapping them up is to build anticipation and make reading exciting! These books are often books which are pitched beyond the children's limitations,  in Year 2 for example we may read Matilda or Harry Potter, this exposes our children to higher level vocabulary, and allows them to access complex sentence structures which they may not see in their own reading books. We LOVE it! 

English Books Progression

Stories from the staff

lights on cotton rock

Read by Miss crocker

Link here: Lights on Cotton Rock

Miss Crocker.MOV

The Rainbow fish

Read by Miss higham

Link here: Rainbow Fish


WE are going on a bear hunt

Read by Mrs harvey

Link here: We are going on a bear hunt

Mrs Harvey.MOV

An extract from HArry Potter

Read by Mr Turner

Link here: Harry Potter

Mr Turner.MOV

The little mouse, the red ripe strawberry and the big hungry bear

Read by Mrs dyer

Link here: The little mouse ...


An extract from Matilda

Read by Mrs TEAGLE 

Link here: Matilda


The Wild Baby

Read by Mrs Blake

Link here: The Wild Baby

Aliens love underpants

Read by Mrs Stone

Link here: Aliens love underpants

Mrs Stone.MOV

monkey puzzle

Read by Miss goodyer

Link here: Monkey puzzle


How to catch a star

Read by Miss mannix

Link here: How to catch a star


Giraffes can't dance

Read by Mrs bainbridge

Link here: Giraffes Can't Dance

Mrs Bainbridge.MOV

Harry the Dirty Dog

Read by Mr Claridge

Link here: Harry the Dirty Dog

Mr Calridge.mp4

Wonky Donkey

Read by Mrs bailey

Link here: Wonky Donkey

Mrs Bailey Wonkey Donkey.MOV


Read by Miss Honey

Link here: Ish


Laura's Star

Read by Miss clarke

Link here: Laura's Star


peace at last

Read by Miss fanning

Link here: Peace at Last

Miss Fanning.MOV